IOP Carers Fund

As an IOP member you can apply for a grant of up to £250 to help you attend physics-related events or conferences that you might not otherwise be able to go to because you care for someone else.

We appreciate that the arrangements that you will put in place will be many and varied, and therefore do not wish to place restrictions on how the grant will be used.

Example uses of the grant could include:

  • Extended hours for a child-minder/care worker to cover time when arriving home later than normal
  • Babysitter costs
  • Travel expenses for friends or relatives to come to you to look after dependents
  • After school activities, clubs or play-schemes
  • Additional medical, nursing or respite care that may be needed for a dependent, not necessarily a child.

We have designed the process to be straightforward and ask you to provide brief details of the event and a description of how the grant will be used.


  • Applicant is an IOP member
  • Used towards the costs associated with additional care
  • A physics-related conference, meeting or event.

For full details of the fund please read the Carers' Fund Guidance.

To apply for a grant from the fund please complete and return the Carers' Claim Form. Please note that payments will be made after the event upon completion of a Carers' Return Form.

The total grant fund available each year for awarding to successful applicants is limited and each application is reviewed by date received. In any one year, £2500 will be allocated between January and June and the same amount between July and December. If you would like more information about the fund please contact the Diversity Team at or on 020 7470 4842.

The carers' fund was introduced following a survey conducted by the Women in Physics Group with the IOP’s membership to analyse the major issues that its members face in accessing childcare and the effect that becoming a parent has on their career.

Around 80 percent of respondents to the Institute’s survey on childcare, both men and women, reported that they found it difficult to make additional childcare arrangements outside of working hours. As a result, almost three-quarters of all respondents reported attending fewer conferences and events once they had caring responsibilities for children and over half reported that they thought their career progression might have been affected by childcare issues. Both men and women were affected although women were affected to a much larger extent than men.

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